About us

Our company specialises in custom ECU software modifications for cars, vans and trucks.

DYNOSOFT is located in the vigorously developing Upper Silesia region, Katowice.

All services connected with software modifications are provided individually
Wojciech Golabek, the founder and owner of DYNOSOFT.
Wojciech, a graduate of Automatics, Electronics and IT at the Silesian Technical University
in Gliwice, had the idea several years ago to combine his software engineering
knowledge with his automotive passion.

Our experience in the tuning industry, linked with a wide knowledge of engine management algorithms, widened due to IT and engineering education,
together with our commitment to work, gives our Customers a guarantee of the highest standard
of our services and distinguishes our company on the market.

We cordially invite you to check the full range of DYNOSOFT services available to you!

At the same time, we would like to thank all our current Customers for choosing our products and services.

We are pleased that our range of services is receiving a great deal of attention from Customers outside the Silesia region, as well as from abroad.

It is thanks to you, dear Customers, or more precisely thanks to your joy of car driving, after using our services, that our work has real purpose.