Truck Chiptuning/Ecotuning

Truck chiptuning/ecotuning is one of the methods to adjust engine parameters such as fuel delivery, fuel/air mixture composition, charge pressure, fuel pressure, maximum engine speed, etc.

It involves the modification of the engine control unit software.

It allows us to increase the power and torque by about 10 % (ecotuning) and about 20 % (chiptuning).

We carry out truck chiptuning/ecotuning on an individual basis for each vehicle.

The procedure consists of several stages:

  1. Measurement of vehicle output parameters with a truck dynamometer.

  2. Readout of the vehicle engine control unit software.

  3. Designing a custom-made modification of the engine control software.

  4. Custom engine tuning with the use of a truck dynamometer.

  5. Measurement of the final parameters of the vehicle with the use of
    a truck dynamometer.

We only use original, certified hardware and software by world-renowned manufacturers in carrying out truck chiptuning/ecotuning.

Advantages of truck chiptuning/ecotuning: