Powerbox Tuning

Powerbox tuning is a method of modification of vehicle engine parameters.

It involves programming the powerbox digital module.

Powerbox enables the increase in power and torque by about 10 % – 20 % in turbocharged engines.

We carry out powerbox tuning on an individual basis for each vehicle.

The procedure consists of several stages:

  1. Measurement of vehicle output parameters with a 4×4/truck dynamometer.

  2. Installation of the powerbox digital module in the vehicle.

  3. Customisation of module control maps.

  4. Custom engine tuning with the use of a 4×4/truck dynamometer.

  5. Measurement of the final parameters of the vehicle with the use of
    a 4×4/truck dynamometer.

Powerbox tuning is carried out with the use of only original, certified hardware and software by world-renowned manufacturers.

Advantages of powerbox tuning:

- possibility of tuning vehicles under guarantee,

- possibility of increasing the power and torque of vehicles in which there isn't any option to carry out engine control unit software modification (chiptuning, truck chiptuning/ecotuning),

- possibility to remove an installed digital module from the vehicle,

- option of installing the removed powerbox in another vehicle,

- you can resell your used powerbox module.