Transmission software tuning

Transmission software tuning is an adjustment of the transmission system parameters, i.e. gear shift rpm and load, gear shifting time, gear progression, maximum transmitted torque, clutch oil pressure (double-clutch transmission), Launch Control, etc.

It involves the modification of a transmission control unit (TCU) used by advanced transmissions.

This makes it possible to customise the operation of the transmission to match the customer’s preferences, and to get the best outcome of the chiptuning of the vehicle engine.

In some cases vehicle engine chiptuning cannot be made without the simultaneous transmission software tuning to guarantee proper operation of the entire powertrain.

The available modifications of transmission parameters depend on the transmission version and specifications.

We carry out transmission software tuning on individual basis

for each vehicle. The procedure consists of several stages:

  1. Measurement of parameters.

  2. Readout of the vehicle transmission control unit software.

  3. Development of a custom-made modification of the transmission control software.

  4. Uploading the custom-made modification.

  5. Test drives.

  6. Applying any corrections to the modifications, if necessary.

  7. The procedure is complete when the obtained parameters of the are satisfying.

Transmission software tuning is carried out with the use of only original, certified hardware and software by world-renowned manufacturers.

Advantages of transmission chiptuning:

- transmission operation optimised to the individual expectations of the customer,

- increase of the range of transmitted torque,

- activation of additional functions, such as Launch Control,

- faster gear shifting,

- increased engine speed limiter threshold.